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About Us

Choose Six Sigma because we:

Our Mission

We provide expeditious engineering services driven at the 6 sigma quality level to help Clients succeed. We listen to your needs (the voice of the Customer) and offer value added expertise derived from our significant operating, regulatory and product launch experiences. We intend to build a long term relationship with you.

Company Profile

We have been working together for over twenty years providing expedient thorough and complete results focused on operational excellence. Our ability to provide comprehensive designs, validation, quality systems and construction services will help you achieve timely start-ups.

Honesty and integrity are the cornerstones of our company culture. Clients appreciate our open and sincere professional relationship. We provide cost effective leadership to help you succeed.

We are unique. Our staff includes mechanical, chemical, electrical and electronic engineers, and process development experts with significant operating plant experience. Avoid reinventing the wheel and consequential delays. We have the experience you need to comply with FDA, MCA, and EU regulations. We have met with various regulatory agency representatives and prepared supportive documentation demonstrating quality systems compliance.

Our process engineering expertise has served the chemicals and plastics, pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, food and ingredients, beverage and the steel industry. Our commodity business experience has sharpened our out-of-the-box design capability as demonstrated through significant yield improvement results. We have helped companies compete globally and now. As you might expect, we are also experienced in lean engineering and six sigma quality systems evaluation.

We've worked in manufacturing for many years prior to starting our consulting engineering firm. We understand manufacturing operations, business management, and engineering for success. We plan to establish long term relationships and sustain mutual trust with our Customers and Employees.

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